Things for Teens to Do During Spring Break

Before You start though, remember one thing: you need to get clear on what you want to achieve. Is it relaxation? Time with the family? Time away from the family? Partying? Prepping for exams/college? Easygoing fun? Once you know that, it’s easier to choose what you want to do!

Get some friends together and go on a road trip, or do one with your mom, cousin and aunt (or any other family combination!). Road trips don’t have to be long — you can go away just for a night or two, you can camp, use a car you can sleep in, book an AirBnB, etc. so it doesn’t have to be pricey either. It’s just a chance to get out of town, see something new, feel alive and enjoy the company of friends, or family.

Be a Tourist in Your Town 

When tourists come to town they tend to do all the things you long since stopped thinking about. If you do the things they do, you’ll soon become excited about your town as well (you can include nearby towns too if you like!). So whip out your phone and start googling what to do in your area! Then schedule a different thing every day, or every other day.

Shadow a Professional or Do an Internship

Whether you are in college, or prepping for college, or simply looking to make your resume better before you apply for a job, shadowing a professional, or doing an internship, can be awesome. Not only will you find out a lot about a job, it will also make you look a lot more serious about one day getting that job; putting you ahead of the competition.

Have a Week of Zen Experiences 

If you can afford checking into a spa for a week, then it’s easy enough to have a week of zen experiences. There are all sorts of spas available these days, offering all sorts of experiences — from soaks in hot tubs and mud baths, to adventures on horseback and big city shopping.

If you can’t afford checking into a spa, or simply don’t want to, then there are other things you can do to enjoy a zen experience.

For example, this is what a week could look like:

 Monday – yoga class, healthy dinner with the girlies

Tuesday – hike, candle lit soak in the bath

Wednesday – gym, haircut

Thursday – walk on the beach, massage, Netflix marathon with friends

Friday – meditation class, pedi and mani, dinner out

Saturday – gym, vegan cooking class

Sunday – walk, relaxing at home with a book, candle lit dinner

You can add daily mediations, do breathing exercises and eat raw foods for a week — whatever floats your boat, just be sure to remember to take it easy and enjoy yourself!

Go Abroad 

There are various different programs available for teens wanting to go abroad to experience a new culture for a week. Some also offer programs within the program, like a theatre course, or attending an archeological dig.


 Doing something that gives back to others often leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling. Especially if it’s in a field you enjoy. For example, if you love art, you can find a community program that gives art classes to children from low income households.

If you volunteer for a week and find you enjoy it, chances are you can keep it up by helping out once, or twice, a month moving forward.

This looks great on your resume and/or college application too!

Take a Course 

Spring break usually sees lots of one week courses being offered — from dancing to coding, there’s something for everyone!

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