Few Style Tips On How To Wear A Blanket Scarf

Looking for new ways to wear your blanket scarf?

Shawls are extremely cute, especially in the fall! To pair up with your favorite fall boots and adorable dress, wrap up your scarf like a shawl and tie a tiny belt around your waist to cinch it all together beautifully. So trendy- keep this look on hand for the fall days.

1)Instead of leaving your scarf dangling in the winter breeze, why not cinch it around your waist to keep everything in place? It’s a super easy way to turn your everyday scarf into some high-style apparel that pairs well with your skinny jeans and over sized bag.

2)We are all well aware how intensely popular the ‘off-shoulder’ style is, and you can recreate this trend using your favorite over sized scarf. To achieve this dashing, tantalizing style, all you need to do is wrap your scarf around your body and let it drape off your shoulders delicacy. This look can work with a number of different garments, whether you’re choosing a cute dress or some skinny jeans.

3)The simplest and easiest way to wear your wrap is to simply drape it across your shoulders. This way you’re sporting off every inch of your over sized scarf, whether it’s designed with unique embellishments or subtle stripes like these. Still super trendy and a good way to keep warmer when the weather is bone-chilling.

4)Want something a bit more interesting without going to extravagant? The braid is a great idea. It is very similar to the blanket, but a bit more intense and secured. This fashionable style is also a super popular one and it works well with any other garments.

5)When cinching your waist with your over sized belt, feel free to leave some space open so everyone can see your adorable garment underneath. And to enhance your trendy attire even further, mix and match with different designs to make your look ‘pop’.

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