Best Washing Machine IFB 6 Kg Diva Aqua VX

Hard water seriously impacts badly, when it comes to washing clothes. So here goes the bliss of technology. Turn the dirt pile of your clothes including germs too into the fresh and clear. Enjoy the best quality wash with IFB’s Front Load which can take up to 6 Kg of clothes in one wash. Best for the family of 2-3 people. The washing machines offer many strong features. You don’t have to worry if you missed on any piece of cloth. You can always stop the wash cycle and place your left clothes inside.

IFB  6 KG Fully Automatic Washing Machine Specifications

Capacity 6 Kg
Function Front Load
Washing Method Tumble Wash
Maximum Spin Speed 800 RPM
Water Consumption 45L
Wash Modes Cotton, Cotton Eco, Mixed Fabrics, Gentle, Woollens, Additives/ Rinse, Drain + Spin
Power Consumption 2150 W

IFB  6 KG Fully Automatic Washing Machine Features

  • It has Aqua Energie mechanism which helps in dealing with hard water circumstances
  • 2D Shower System ensures the proper cleaning without leaving any stain behind.
  • Enhanced Wash- The Float Ball Valve lets the water out while keeping the detergent in
  • Anti Crease- It prevents rumps and crease
  • You can always add the forgotten laundry in between the cycle.
  • Auto Imbalance Sensing & Control
  • Audio & LED Indication
  • Foam-Control

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